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Phone +371 63497900
Fax +371 63497901
E-mail sales@scan-plast.lv
Internet address www.scan-plast.com
twitter.com Scan-PlastLatvia
facebook.com ScanPlastLatvia
twitter.com scanplastlatvia
Number of employees 60
Import regions: Central/East Europe, West Europe
Import countries Belarus, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland
Export regions Central/East Europe, West Europe
Export countries Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Russian Federation

Legal information

Legal Name "Scan-Plast Latvia" LSEZ SIA
Registration Number 40003352878
Legal address Liepāja, Brīvības iela 185, LV-3401
Founded 04.08.1997


  • "Scan-Plast Latvia" is a dynamic manufacturing and trade company that has been particularly specialized in manufacturing of composite materials and building products suitable for various business sectors. Composite materials main advantages are their durability and excellent shape flexibility, making it possible to successfully substitute materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or wood. Thus are produced a wide range of products for industry, construction, agriculture, fisheries, transport, treatment plants, leisure and other industries. At the same time, "Scan-Plast" designed and manufactured products or systems are usually composite and traditional materials combination. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the understanding of the properties of composite materials, the company offered solutions are characterized by a consistently high quality and long lifetime.


Composite materials, composite materials trade, GRP, fiberglass, fiberglass,
construction, construction, designing, engineering communications,
toilet facilities, environment, design elements, pumping station, storage
tanks, installation, buildings, body, ventilation, grids, gratings,
toilet building, sewerage, articles, wastewater, improvement, modular
building, waste, container, toilet cabin, septic tank, cesspool, separator,
dry toilet, portable toilet complex, transport, construction site equipment,
light shaft, silo, food, rain water tunnel, scrubber, thermosetting
composite materials, composite materials transfer, composite materials
acceptance, flower pots, flower pots for indoors, flower pots for outdoors,
flower pot systems, garden chair, composite material chair, composite
chair, garden table, garden furniture set, garden chair cushion, composite
fencing, composite fence, wickered composite fence, composite material
plate fence, type L, type S, lamella fence, panel fence, trapezoidal
fence, doors, gates, poles, foundation plates, raised beds, flag poles,
composite material terraces, composite material balconies, feeders,
garages, sheds, bicycle racks, decorations, playground equipment, playground
equipment, composite materials grille, products for rainwater, seminars
whiteboards, office whiteboards, chemical tanks, collection tanks,
sewer septics, cesspools, waste water reservoirs, silos, cisterns,
reservoirs, pumps, automatics, covers, plates, profiles, composite
materials gratings, boxes, containers, pipes, pipe fittings, transitions,
chimneys, flues, air purification systems, water treatment, installation
buildings, installation bodies, coatings, transport plate, articles
for streets, articles for streets for winter season, supply systems,
spraying stations, slurry systems, fertilising, dryers, farm equipment,
stadium equipment, water amusement equipment, boats, toilet cabins,
camping houses, pavilions, urban equipment, park equipment, swimming
place ponton ramps, swimming place ramps, containers on wheels, closed
containers, open containers, container - crane, containers for paper,
containers for glass, underground waste management systems, underground
waste containers, compost systems, sealing containers, chemical waste
containers, sorting systems, aeration systems, feed silos, mud cones,
pools, gas purifiers.



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